Sofapaka’s Sinking

In 2009, just as I was starting to watch Kenyan football, Sofa were crowned champions the same season they were promoted from the lower tier league. It was more than a fairytale. It was like a fantasy fulfilled. 7 years on and they may be facing relegation.


To put Sofa’s situation in perspective take Leicester, 2016 champions of England, as an example. Fast-forward to 2023 they face the drop. It would be chaotic. “Doesn’t really matter what happens next season ” say some Leicester fans. They couldn’t be more further from the truth. Human beings have a penchant of desiring more; more money, better food, a better house etc. God forbid but if that happens, fans will call for the head of cjui the chairman because he agreed the sale of their chief scout or something. Some would hold placards written, without any remorse, “Thanks for the memories but it’s time for change.” And the English media, some well-respected pundits and even former players will fuel all this unrest.

Look at the civil war at Arsenal to get a feel of how demanding and inconsiderate we can be. In ’04 if you asked some Arsenal fans about what would happen the season after an unbeaten run, they would have, in the heat of the moment, and rightly so, have said, “Let’s enjoy today for tomorrow comes with it’s own B.S.” Some wouldn’t have minded going a season or two without winning the league but when it stretches to 12 plus years , it becomes worrying. Currently, some are calling for Wenger to resign, turning a blind eye to what he has done for the club. Same case with Liverpool. No one in their wildest of imaginations would believe that the last time they would lift the trophy would be in ’92.


Sofa’s game v Tusker over the weekend was just as dismal a performance as has been throughout the season. A blunt strike-force was evident in that game as has been since match day 1 (scored 9 conceded 18). Many teams would love to have even half the chances they had in front of goal against a Tusker side who sit at the top of the table while also enjoying a great run of form. They had many but lack of technical ability and maybe inexperience cost them (though I don’t really see how inexperience hinders you from scoring a simple tap-in, even stage-fright shouldn’t be a problem in such a situation.)


After match day 1, I watched as an overly confident David Ouma explained to Chiko and his panel on Playback how they’ll pick themselves up and work on their mistakes after a 5-2 thrashing by Mathare. With 2 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses, they seem to have done everything but that. It led to Mutuyimana being dropped to the benched and Tiema getting into goal for a few games. Few games later and Tiema is now a striker.

Keeper turned striker

So bad is Sofa’s situation that their keeper is now a striker. Tiema had one opportunity on goal missed it. David Ouma was so furious he benched him immediately despite the fact that he was barely had spent ten minutes on the pitch. The panel of experts called it an emotional substitution. That he’s a keeper turned striker didn’t cut him any slack. Cryuff said he didn’t bench a player for making mistakes, ‘coz it crushes them. It must have crushed Tiema. But that just shows you how bad things are at Sofapaka.

Too many problems for Batoto

One would argue that it’s the lack of money, the signing of 25 players most who are inexperienced among other things as the main reasons for their dip in form. They are partly right but only those in close contact with the running of the club know the deep lying issues. I think David Ouma is a competent coach with a team that he just has to make do with. He’s shown that he can do the job as was seen with the Harambee Starlets. So away with those who say that he isn’t up to the task.




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