SIMBA SUPER SOCCER 22/09 Highlights

AFC Leopards are broke

The National Executive Council of AFC Leopards met on Tuesday this week and among other things that show us the ugly side of the club is that they are now broke. We have talked a lot about the running of AFC Leopards and almost every other club. We need not waste more ink, or in this case, keystrokes on the matter, so let them sort themselves out. As Mike clearly pointed out, you know something is wrong when you have signed 18 players then sack them before their contracts end. More grave is the fact that they are now on their third coach. The panelists suggested that FKF should crack the whip on club who don’t subscribe to club licensing rules. But my question is, what moral authority does FKF have to do this if they haven’t complied with the Sports Act? Let’s just leave it at that.

Sundowns vs Zesco 2nd Leg

Zesco beat Sundowns 2-1 in the first leg of the semi-final of the CAF Champions League. They face each other in the second leg this Saturday. Of most concern for Sundowns and their supporters is the fact that they have been playing too many games and their federation isn’t concerned with helping them. The teams form going into this match favor Zesco, as they are unbeaten in the last 12 matches. Owing largely to Pitso’s squad rotation, Sundowns have been shy on goal, scoring 2 in the last 4 matches. Zesco’s problem however hasn’t been in scoring goals but in conceding too many. They have conceded in literally all games since the group stage  even in those where they were leading comfortably as was the case against Al-Ahly both home and away. It’s a semi-final one can’t afford to miss.

Starlets 2nd in CECAFA

Harambee Starlets lost to Tanzania in the CECAFA women’s final. The panelists all blamed mental strength, attitude and overconfidence for that loss. Everyone agreed that their toughest opponent to the final was Ethiopia and after they beat them 3-2, they thought they already had one hand on the trophy. Among other things, the panelists were against the printing of t-shirts inscribed the word “champions”, the luncheon the ladies were treated to on arrival and the road show. I see no problem in appreciating our team who finished second in that manner. Mike however pointed out that it was wrong for FKF president Nick Mwendwa to say that the team was nothing before they took office and rightly so because Nick’s team has only improved the logistics of the starlets. Everything else including the staff remains unchanged.

The panelists proposed that the team remain in camp till November and play more friendlies against Kenyan teams. Starlets are in Group A with Nigeria Ghana and Mali in the AFCON and will face Morocco and Cameroon in friendlies in preparation for the tournament.


It was great to see Claudia and David ‘Calabar’ Owino on Soccer Africa last night. Think age cheating is bad in Kenya, how about a 23-year old Nigerian in Victor Emenayo who has a 14-year old son. The guy looks 50.




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