A summary if what happened in the football world in the month of February

Most important news first is that FIFA has a  new president in the man Gianni Infantino who among, other things, has promised to increase the number of teams participating in the World Cup and more importantly the number of African Countries form 5 to 7. Back home, our football delegates showed the rest of Kenya how we should vote by electing Nick Mwendwa who has immediately embarked on the task of getting us to the 2022 World Cup. And a youthful side is what he believes should do the job for us.

In the EPL, my team, Arsenal, continue to disappoint. The victories over Burnley, Bournemouth and even the spectacular one against Leicester weren’t enough to keep us at the top of the table as we drew against Soton and were painfully beaten by Chelsea and United. The later fielding players from their youth academy. It sort of watered down the victory against League Leaders Leicester who seem will wake up from their fairy tale at the while at the top come May.

Chelsea are still yet to lose a match under Hiddink, Mancity lost all matches while West Ham continue to pursue a top-four finish alongside United and Liverpool who as at now are separated from man city with just 6 points. Villa seem to have their fate sealed though, as we have seen this season, anything can happen since they only are 7 points below relegation. Most shocking is the fact that the Eagles (Crystal Palace) have only won one match in 2016.

The greatest highlight was when Messi did a Cruyff by laying off a penalty to Suarez in their 6-1 win over Celta. Considering that he did it when he had a chance to score his 300th goal makes it even more beautiful. People said it was disrespectful but I think we are so much inclined on the professional side of football that we forget that it doesn’t harm if in achieving that you throw in a bit of  entertainment.

Off the pitch, Serge Aurier decided to bite the hand that feeds him after stating all manner of expletives about his coach, the man who believed in him and brought him to the club, and his teammates. And that even some african greats are defending him continues to shock me. It was wrong and he knows it and defending him doesn’t do anything to help the young man as some think. You can’t say such things about any human being let alone your coach and teammates. How does he even face them during the training sessions even after his serves his suspension?

Cristiano also decided to be all to candid about why Real aren’t at the top of the La Liga table. And yes, we all let it slide ‘cause it’s Cristiano Ronaldo but to me that is very disrespectful to your teammates who look up to you as a leader.

That’s all for now. Promise you I will do it sooner than I have done this time.