Francis Kahata vs Posta Rangers

Francis Kahata is one of the best creative midfielders, or as waswahili say, viuongo wazalishaji,  we have in Kenya. I thus have made it my duty to collect his stats, just so that I can understand his game more. So here goes his stats vs Bandari.

Long Pass 5/9

Short Pass 33/37

Dribbles 7/8

Balls Lost 9

Balls Won 5

He only took one shot which was blocked.

Lost all 3 aerial duels but this can be understood since he isn’t that blessed with height but had 3 successful headers.

I would have loved to see him get into the thick of things in the final third. Several factors like, gelling with new teammates, among others which ,I accept, are beyond my conception, led to a quiet game.  the numbers don’t lie, he created only one chance but it would have counted were it not for Jacob Keli’s (aka Kasee`) poor first touch, which consequently to him missing the target.